Dentistry – Restorations is the specialty of Dentistry in charge of correcting teeth with injuries, traumas, fractures, color changes or congenital dental malformations.

One of the most common causes for using this treatment is the presence of tooth decay or cavities in one or more teeth.

The treatment of this pathology at an early stage is the best prevention for more invasive treatments in the future, such as an Endodontic treatment – dental devitalization, or even the extraction and implantology treatment.


What are dental cavities

Dental cavities are one of the most common oral pathology nowadays, being caused by the presence of bacteria from foods, which accumulate in the teeth and begin to create acids that over time corrode the tooth surface.


One of the problems associated with the appearance of dental cavities is that, at an early stage, it is very difficult to be detected by our patients without the assistance of a Dentist.


When patients notice the presence of cavities in their teeth or when they start to feel pain, it is generally because the pathology is already advanced and it is necessary to resort to more invasive treatments, such as devitalization. For this reason, at Prime Dental Clinic, we recommend our patients to schedule two annual check-up appointments.


 The treatment of dental cavities at an early stage is quite simple, consisting in removing the affected tooth structure and replacing it with aesthetic materials. These restorations are quick and do not cause discomfort to the patient!


In the same appointment, it is possible to remove the entire affected structure with the assistance of anesthesia, apply the most appropriate aesthetic material for each patient and make all the necessary adjustments so that the piece perfectly replicates the sensation and structure of a natural tooth.

Aesthetic Restoration Materials

At Prime Dental Clinic, we chose to perform restorations with white composites, which are aesthetic. This is a simple treatment which doesn’t need special nor advanced preparations. Despite the simplicity of the material, there is still the need for great dexterity on the part of the medic, choosing colors, selecting the material and during its application.

Composites vary according to the function sought. In treatments to anterior teeth, we recommend the application of more aesthetic material, while in posterior teeth, we prefer its resistance.

This material has the great advantage of being quite adaptable to different situations – treatment of teeth with cavities, fractures, changes in shape or color, closure of small spaces between teeth and correction of small imperfections and malpositions; and because it is produced in different shades, it can be adapted to each patient, to create an unnoticeable treatment.

Amalgam Restorations

The application of amalgams has been a very common treatment in dental restorations for the last 100 years and, although there is still some debate on the subject, there is no concrete evidence on the negative effects that the material can have on our health.

At Prime Dental Clinic, we want to combine an effective and long-lasting treatment with a pleasant and natural aesthetic, and that is why we prefer to use materials, such as composites, which are more in line with the appearance of the natural tooth.

If you are dissatisfied with the aesthetics of your amalgam, replacing it with materials that better mimic the natural tooth is quite simple and will bring lasting results.


Other treatments performed at Prime Dental Clinic

Fractures, color changes and correction of spacing between teeth

Using materials created in composites, it is possible to treat small imperfections in our patient’s teeth.

Fractures, color changes and spacing between teeth are corrected during the patient’s first visit to the clinic.

In cases where there is a large tooth loss, wear or change in color, the responsible Dentist may recommend to patients the application of Dental Veneers – fine ceramic pieces designed individually and personalized to the individual characteristics of each patient that will cover the dental surface restoring a Natural and Harmonious aesthetic.

Inlays, Onlays e Overlays

When there is a large tooth loss, which compromises the strength and stability of the smile, we recommend the treatment using indirect restorations, with ceramic pieces created on the same day at the Clinic.

Using digital planning technologies, it is possible to create pieces completely customized to the physiognomy and oral condition of each patient, taking into account all the small details, such as the condition of the tooth, its position and color.

With the assistance of the most recent technologies and medical exams, the responsible dentist will be able to identify the most recommended treatment during our payient’s first appointment. In the same day we’ll create the prosthetic part, and will be able to apply it to the teeth.


What's the best way to avoid dental cavities?

Good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth twice a day with the assistance of mouthwashes and dental floss, is essential to prevent the onset of cavities, together with a balanced diet without excesses of sugar.

How do dental cavities appear?

When exhaustive oral hygiene is not performed, bacteria left by carbohydrate-rich foods will be decomposed to create acids, which over time have the ability to corrode the tooth piece and thus create tooth decay.

Should amalgams be replaced with another material?

Amalgams were a very effective treatment in dentistry, however, it is a very outdated material.

In a first appointment, the dentist will analyze the condition of the pieces, if there has been wear or fracture and if their position has changed.

If the treatment is still in good condition, we recommend keeping it.

When the material has already suffered some wear, or if the patient wants to improve the aesthetics of the tooth, the dentist will recommend its removal to replace it with a treatment using composite or ceramic materials.

What attentions should patients have after treatment?

We recommend our patients to continue with their regular hygiene habits.

If special care is needed in any case, the responsible dentist will mention them in a first appointment.

Can dental cavities appear in teeth which have already been treated?

Dentistry treatment focuses solely on restoring the part affected by caries, so the tooth does not gain immunity from the onset of the pathology.


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